Welcome to NW Eye Docs

This is a private website, originally developed for trainee ophthalmologists in the North West of England. To apply for membership please click the 'Sign up' button on the right. Once you submit that form and click the link in the activation email, your request will be checked by the site administrators.

NW Eye Docs welcomes all NW based ophthalmology professionals. This includes ophthalmologists, nurses, optometrists and orthoptists in addition to F2s and students in ophthalmology.

This is the new 2016 version.

Please don't view this site with IE8 (Internet Explorer 8). If at all possible, access this site on Chrome or another modern browser. The experience will be poor on IE8. You are only likely to run into IE8 on NHS computers. Most Trusts are now also providing Chrome. Unfortunately IE8 needs to stay for the moment as lots of old hospital software needs IE8 to work.